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Carlos was my best friend, a beautiful person with a beautiful smile, stylish, creative, and fearless. He loved unconditionally and was the glue that sealed our circle of friends. Carlos loved to travel, yet would always come home to the hot Texas terrain of agave, yucca and cactus that defined him. He was strong and resilient; a mandala of hope and forbearance, stricken with AIDS in a time that it was a death sentence, Hoping to keep him near, I grasped his feet in my hands as he passed at age 37, leaving behind gifts of memories and life lessons that forever changed who I was. The “Carlos" series is not only dedicated to this amazing individual, but to all those we have loved and lost too soon.I created these images of his courage and beauty thru desert landscapes; with the hope and desire that others will search and find him there, as I have, time and again.

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