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Just as we thought that the worst was over, that the storm had passed and we could go back to our lives, the levee broke and the water began to rise.  It rose over our homes and over our communities. It rose over our beloved landmarks and cherished history, until all was lost and all was engulfed in hopelessness. So, we climbed to the tops of our roofs and witness a city that was once rooted in the past become left with nothing but the present.  We watched with broken hearts as the buildings that were the storehouses of our memories, slowly became immersed under the water and mud of canals, lakes, bayous and tributaries of a winding river that had given a city its shape and its unique identity. The same wild river that for so long had been kept at bay, rebelliously proved in that one moment it would not be controlled. "SUBMERGED" is a study of the "dark night of the soul".  It is that moment in time when all seems lost and we find ourselves drowning in the murk and darkness and we realize that the only control we have left is in the decision to let go. It is in that act of surrender that we are finally able to see a light, a beam of possibility giving us the courage to stand, the willingness to believe in ourselves, and the simple faith to trust in something that is bigger than who we are.

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