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“There are still places in the world where folklore and mysticism walk hand in hand along cobblestone streets in simple open honesty. Where the scent of rich chocolate is woven with the smoke of the sacred copal. Streets, where poets sing to the rhythm of the papel Picado, flickering its vibrant colors in the warmth of the summer sun. At twilight, the evening breeze hums a forgotten lullaby as it travels from the Mixteca Mountains to the Oaxaca Valley; whirling through deep green fields of corn, across ancient carvings of stone to rest among the thorns of the purple Nopales. There the tall willowy Ocotillo and the blue, sage paddles of the Agave will whisper of legends and tales of enchantment. (A sip of sweet, smooth, smokey Mezcal and a sigh…) “Ah, it’s Oaxaca! And to be sure - magic dwells here!”

The “Oaxaca” series is a corrido to the land of magical beauty: where it’s botanical colors, shapes and textures serve as a conexión from the elements of the natural world into the realm of the Spirit.”

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